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Artificial Sand For Construction

Nowadays, Artificial Sand For Construction appears more and more frequently in various construction projects, which is closely related to the continuous improvement of the quality of Artificial Sand For Construction. In order to meet the market demand for high-quality mechanism sand, SBM has independently developed Vu Tower-Like Sand-Making System.

Vu Tower-Like Sand-Making System overcomes the problems of breaking, grinding and selecting in the optimization process. The produced Artificial Sand For Construction has indexes such as flow performance and porosity similar to high-quality natural sand, and conforms to the industrial standards such as ASTM C33 of the United States, jgj52 zone II of China and is 383 zone II of India, which brings huge benefits and development opportunities for sand, dry mixing, cement and other industries.

Since appearing on the national stage in 2014, Vu Tower-Like Sand-Making System has been upgraded and optimized many times, and its quality has been widely praised by the market.

Advantages ofVu Tower-Like Sand-Making System

Through the sand produced by Vu Tower-Like Sand-Making System, it can be seen by the naked eye that, in addition to the characteristics of the masterbatch itself, compared with ordinary Artificial Sand For Construction, VU high-quality Artificial Sand For Construction is more round, mainly spherical, with better grading, smaller gap between particles, and stable powder content in the finished sand.

Reasonable Gradation

The comprehensive grinding breaking effect and flexible screening design make the grading of finished sand continuous and adjustable, the proportion of 0.15-0.6mm fine sand is greatly increased, the proportion of 2.36-4.75mm coarse sand is decreased, which conforms to the industry standards such as ASTM C33, China standard jgj52 zone II and India standard is383 zone II.

Granular and round

The complete grinding technology and waterfall shaping technology make the finished sand and stone grain mainly with high squareness and sphericity. The surface edges and burrs are obviously reduced, the surface area and porosity are obviously reduced, and the fluidity is improved.

Controlled by powder

The powder content (0-0.15 mm) in the finished sand is stable and can be controlled between 3-15%. The stone powder separated by dry method is dry and clean, which is convenient for unified recovery and comprehensive utilization.

According to the scientific test, the use of Vu fine sand to prepare concrete can significantly save cement consumption under the same performance index, and the cost of C30 can be reduced by 10-15 yuan / m3.

If it is calculated by preparing 500000 m3 concrete, using Vu fine sand can effectively save 5-7.5 million yuan in cost.

It can be seen that the high-quality Artificial Sand For Construction produced by Vu Tower-Like Sand-Making System not only completely surpasses the traditional Artificial Sand For Construction, effectively improves the compressive strength and impermeability of concrete, but also meets the production demand of sand making with different fineness modulus, and conforms to the requirements of environmental protection upgrading of Artificial Sand For Construction.

Vu Tower-Like Sand-Making System Manufacturer

Over the years, VU high-quality Artificial Sand For Construction has been continuously recognized by sand and stone colleagues. Every cooperation of Vu project in Shibang is the certification and recognition of its quality. We will also adhere to our original commitment to equipment upgrading and research and development, constantly contribute to the society’s fine sand making equipment, and strive for the high-quality development of sand making with push mechanism.

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