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According to SBM's business coverage, we have established strong installation engineer teams and divided them into several parts according to the businesses, including building aggregate team, ore processing team and industrial milling team. Each team consists of young, middle-aged, and old engineers, fully satisfying business requirement and fulfilling talent cultivation objective.

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Production Process Of Dry Artificial Sand Making Process Plant

Under the natural conditions of drought, little rain and lack of water resources in North China, the dry process is preferred to produce aggregate. With the development of technology, the problem of high content of soil, weathered rock and stone powder and dust pollution in the process of dry production has been solved gradually. Dry sand has become the production process of large Artificial Sand Making Process Plant.

Figure 1 shows a typical dry production process flow. After the raw materials are removed by vibrating feed screen and screen machine, they are generally broken by coarse crushing and medium crushing before inspection and screening. The ore is divided into three parts by screening:

Advantages Of Dry Artificial Sand Making Process Plant

Disadvantages Of Dry Artificial Sand Making Process Plant

Dry Artificial Sand Making Process Plant Supplier

When designing the Artificial Sand Making Process Plant, first of all, we should consider the particle size of raw materials, which is generally less than 25 mm and continuous polar matching. The Artificial Sand Making Process Plant has high working efficiency and large sand production. Second, the moisture content of raw materials will also affect the sand production efficiency. When the moisture content is more than 2%, the separation efficiency of the screening machine will be reduced. Therefore, for the dry Artificial Sand Making Process Plant process, we must consider rainproof.

The process design and equipment selection of sand making production line are very important, which directly affect the quality and cost of sand production. When designing and selecting equipment, we should fully analyze the properties of raw material, aggregate gradation and quality requirements of aggregate products, and the technical performance of main equipment. The system equipment configuration should be technically advanced, economically reasonable, and ensure the operation of the system. Reliability. Welcome to leave a message to discuss your problems.

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To deliver spare parts to customer's production sites as fast as possible, SBM has built spare parts warehouses. On receiving customer's call, we take spare parts from the warehouse in the shortest time possible to reduce customer's awaiting time and risk of equipment outage.

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