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Summary: As a crushing device, the Indian automatic crusher is the most widely used crushing machine series in India. This traditional crushing equipment has considerable advantages in production, high productivity, convenient operation and maintenance, and more convenient, and also meets the production needs of different users. In the actual production process, users will encounter various equipment failures. There are some differences in automatic crushers in India, so how to eliminate common faults in Indian automatic crushers?

India automatic crusher troubleshooting

In fact, the price of automatic crusher in India is not uniform, and the most common problem encountered in production is that the bearing temperature of the equipment is too high. If it is not processed in time, it will not have a major impact on the normal production, or even lead to ACCIDENT. The bearing temperature is generally the main cause of insufficient oil or dirt, and there may be a reason why the distance between the automatic stone mill bearings is too large and too small. It is necessary to replenish new grease in time and adjust the bearing spacing in time.

Some users are experiencing the main reason for the constant pulsation of production equipment, which occurs when the Indian automatic crusher is loosened by the Indian fastening bolts. Once it seems that you need to tighten, you can check this loose bolt in time. The price of automatic crusher in India is actually different. In production, it is necessary to pay attention to the normal rotation of the flywheel but stop moving the squat. This phenomenon is mainly caused by damage or damage caused by the thrust plate. The operator should replace the new thrust plate in time, pay attention to the fixed link, and replace the spring in time.

India automatic crushers have failed while operating in India, and are often spring breaks. Many users will encounter this situation, mainly because there is no general relaxation to adjust the spring caused by small nesting, in which the first spring relaxes the small nest population and then tightens the bolts. The great automatic crusher in the Indian price relationship with the manufacturer’s power supply, in addition to the production of loose toothed plates and metal collisions, mainly due to the need to use screws to loosen the screws instead.

The destruction of automatic stone crushers in India is varied and briefly describes several common faults. All operators want to pay attention to the failure of these ordinary Indian automatic crushers in India. In addition to paying attention to the price of Indian automatic crushers, it is also necessary to understand common troubleshooting methods in order to detect and clear faults in time and ensure that the production line is normal and efficient. The device is running.

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