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Abstract: The current crushing method is mainly mechanical crushing. According to the characteristics of the form and the force crushing equipment, the crushing equipment used can be divided into a jaw crusher, a 70 Tph cone crusher, a roller crusher, a counter crusher and a hammer crusher. Today I will be the professional cone crusher of the 70 Tph manufacturer, describing some of the features of the 70 Tph China cone crusher, I hope it will help you.

70 Tph Cone Crusher – by Particle Size

The cone crusher 70 Tph can be divided into three types: coarse crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing. Crushing cone crusher 70 Tph, also known as gyratory crusher, is a typical large mining equipment that breaks hard materials, but is rarely used in non-metallic mines; broken and small-shaped bacteria, also known as 70 Tph cone crushers.

Classification of 70 Tph cone crushers – according to principles

Since the motion is a broken cone-shaped swing cycle, the material 70 Tph fracture in the cone crusher is continuously performed. This is different from the jaw crusher. The Fragmented Fragmenter 70 Tph is similar to a gyratory crusher and is divided into a 70 Tph spring cone crusher and a 70 Tph hydraulic cone crusher, depending on the nesting population and safety of the entire plant.

70 Tph classified cone crusher – by different crushing chambers

According to the form of waves, the 70 Tph chamber of the crushing cone crusher is different and can be divided into standard (crushing in use), middle (medium crushing, fine grinding) and short head (broken). Standard and short head types are the most widely used. The main difference is that the different cross-sectional shapes are parallel to the crushing chamber, the shortest standard length, and the shortest head type is the longest. Parallel to longer, more uniform particle size breakage.

70 Tph and material cone crusher

Cone crusher 70 Tph product size is generally about l0mm, special requirements can be up to 3~5mm, such as inertia cone crusher 70 Tph. Practice has also shown that the 70 Tph products in the cone crusher are mostly cubic particles, especially in the particle size part near the width of the discharge port. The shape of the product is good, more than cubic particles, but the number of crushing is less.

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