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South Africa Limestone Aggregate Plant

Improve the production efficiency of the South Africa Limestone Aggregate Plant

The mud content of Limestone Aggregates is an important indicator in the quality standard of concrete. Due to the excessive weathering interlayer of stone materials, the strength of stone materials is low, resulting in excessive mud content in Limestone Aggregate production.

The high mud content may cause an increase in water demand, which affects the workability of the concrete mixture and the strength of the concrete, thereby affecting the workability and compressive quality of the concrete. Through the separation control of the wool and the quality control of the various processes of the Limestone Aggregate, the Limestone Aggregate content of the Limestone Aggregate is guaranteed to meet the quality standards. This paper shares the reasons for the high mud content of the finished product in the South Africa Limestone Aggregate Plant and the countermeasures.

On-Site Limestone Aggregate Status

A hydropower station needs to pass through narrow village roads because of the entry roads. It is difficult to purchase out. The project department must produce Limestone Aggregates on its own to meet the construction schedule.

According to the actual mining situation, the wool field covering layer of the power station is thicker, the weathering interlayer is too much, the utilization rate of the mined wool is only about 30%, and the stone material strength is low, which leads to excessive mud content in the Limestone Aggregate production.

According to the sampling test results, the Limestone Aggregate content of the Limestone Aggregate produced by the sand and gravel system is 1.4% to 6.7%, and the average value is 3.3%. The Limestone Aggregate specification requires that the Limestone Aggregate content of the Limestone Aggregate is not more than 1%, and the mud content is seriously exceeded. On-site construction quality.

Therefore, we must take control measures from the construction process to reduce the mud content in the South Africa Limestone Aggregate Plant.

Determination Of The Reason Why The Limestone Aggregate Content Is Too High

The project department collects relevant record data in various construction processes for a wide range of problems, brainstorms and discusses and analyzes many times. The main factors that cause the excess mud content in Limestone Aggregate production are: unadjusted vibrating screen eccentric block, There is no slow material on the vibrating screen, and the plate drain pipe arrangement is unreasonable.

Countermeasure Implementation Of Excessive Mud Content In Limestone Aggregate

After the project department took the separation control of the wool in the South Africa Limestone Aggregate Plant and the quality control of the various processes of the Limestone Aggregate, the results showed that the Limestone Aggregate produced reached the specification requirements and improved the quality of Limestone Aggregate production.

Due to the different materials, raw materials and production processes of different environments, I hope that the method described in this article can help you. If you have any questions, please consult directly online.

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