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The choice of 200tons/h iron ore mobile crusher

The mobile crushers are of different types and models, so they can be used in the production of different materials to meet different capacity requirements. This is the reason why the station needs to be selected in a certain production. Yes, when processing iron ore, the demand for 200 tons of production should choose which mobile crushing equipment.

Regardless of which type of equipment is selected, it is based on production requirements. When processing iron ore, not to mention the demand for capacity, the first consideration should be the use of equipment, that is, the need to use iron ore. What is the processing, in general, the coarse crushing stage, the choice should be the jaw type mobile crusher, the selection of the medium and fine broken parts should be the cone type mobile crusher, the selection in the sand making stage should be the mobile system The sand machine determines the type of equipment according to the purpose.

After determining the type of equipment, consider the capacity requirements. Generally speaking, the capacity of equipment that cannot be typed is different. Therefore, for the demand of 200 tons/hour, we need to analyze according to different options, as follows:

First, the capacity analysis of the jaw type mobile crusher

The so-called jaw type mobile crusher refers to the mobile equipment whose main machine is jaw crusher. There are three main types of this type: PEW jaw crusher, PE jaw crusher and C6X jaw crusher. The corresponding production capacity is 12-650 tons / hour, 45-800 tons / hour and 160-1510 tons / hour, can meet the demand of 200 tons per hour, so when processing iron ore, the choice of the equipment, you need to refer to Comprehensive selection of material size, finished product demand, and cost input;

Second, the capacity analysis of the cone mobile crusher

The so-called conical mobile crusher refers to the mobile device whose main machine is a cone crusher. There are three types of this machine: HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking, HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking and CS spring cone breaking, the corresponding capacity is 45 respectively. -1200 tons / hour, 45-2130 tons / hour and 45-1400 tons / hour, can meet the demand of 200 tons per hour, so when processing iron ore, for the selection of this equipment, you need to refer to the input The choice of the granularity, the demand for finished products, and the cost input;

Again, mobile sand mill capacity analysis

The so-called mobile sand making machine refers to the mobile crusher with the main machine being sand making machine. The machine type is VSI6X impact crusher, VSI5X impact crusher and VSI impact crusher. The corresponding production capacity is 100-583. Ton / hour, 70-640 tons / hour and 60-520 tons / hour, can also meet the demand of 200 tons of production, so this type of equipment in the processing of iron ore, also need to refer to the feed size, finished product Demand for particle size, etc.;

The above mainly introduces the choice of 200 tons of iron ore mobile crusher. The analysis of this problem is more detailed, mainly what types of mobile crushers can process iron ore, in these types of equipment. What equipment can meet the needs of 200 tons of production, and the basis for these equipments when they are selected, no matter which equipment is selected, first understand its purpose, and secondly, comprehensive reference production requirements. , cost constraints and other factors.

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