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Causes of vibration of Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine and its treatment

1. Motor Shaft And Rotor Shaft Are Not Concentric

The solution is to re align. After inspection and installation, make sure that the motor shaft and rotor shaft are concentric.

2. Rotor Bearing Damaged

If the bearing clearance exceeds the limit or the bearing is damaged, the rotor will vibrate violently. The solution is to replace the new bearing. In the process of use, check regularly to see if the bearing needs to be replaced, so as not to delay production.

3. Rotor Unbalance

Unbalance of other parts on the rotor will cause vibration due to unbalance of the rotor, which requires careful inspection and adjustment of the balance of the rotor. If the hammers are used for face change, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance, all hammers in the sand machine must face change together, otherwise strong vibration will occur during operation, and the weight difference between the two groups should not exceed 5g during installation.

4. Material Blockage

If the material is blocked, dredge the material in time. In order to prevent the vibration caused by material blockage, the feeding specification shall be strictly controlled to prevent the large particles and broken foreign matters from entering the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine, and the water content of the material shall be paid attention to at any time. If the material has more water, it will stick in the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine, gradually condense into large blocks and adhere to the inner wall of the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine, and the material will be blocked if not cleaned in time, so we should pay attention to the water content of the material.

5. Foundation Is Not Firm Or Foundation Bolt Is Loose

In case of abnormal vibration of Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine, first check whether it is caused by foundation and anchor bolt. If the foundation is not firm or the anchor bolt is loose, it will affect the stability of the machine. At this time, check and fasten the bolts, and check whether the foundation or bolts are loose at intervals as far as possible in the later use process, and reinforce them in time if they are loose.

6. Too Much Feed Or Too Large Material Size

If the feeding amount is too much than the load of the sand maker, the sand maker can not crush the materials in the crushing chamber in time, which causes the materials to accumulate in the crushing chamber and generate abnormal vibration. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the feeding amount in time and keep the uniform and continuous feeding. If the material is too large, it will also cause abnormal vibration, so it is necessary to check the feed size to meet the requirements, and remove the material with abnormal particle size in time.

7. Bending Deformation Of Main Shaft

When the main shaft of the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine is bent and deformed, it will also cause the abnormal vibration of the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine. At this time, the main shaft needs to be replaced or corrected in time.

8. Wear Of Wear Parts

For example, when the wear-resistant block of the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine is worn, it will cause the breaking process of the Pea Gravel Sand Making Machine to be blocked, resulting in abnormal vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to check in time, and repair or replace in time when wear is found.

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To deliver spare parts to customer's production sites as fast as possible, SBM has built spare parts warehouses. On receiving customer's call, we take spare parts from the warehouse in the shortest time possible to reduce customer's awaiting time and risk of equipment outage.

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