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Gold ore Portable Crusher

Gold ore is one of the mineral resources in nature. Its main purpose after mining is as an ornament, which is more common in life. For the mining process of the ore, it is mainly crushing, grinding, beneficiation, and different production stages need to be different. The production equipment, in which the crushing stage must use the crusher, and the machine is divided into fixed type and mobile type. In the case of the Portable Crusher, it can save the installation of gold ore mining, material transportation and other links. More conducive to the process of mining.

In the case of the Portable Crusher, it can bring great advantages in the process of gold ore mining, which is mainly related to the excellent performance of the machine itself, and its performance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, flexible and flexible, reducing costs

The Portable Crusher adopts vehicle traction, compact structure, stable and sturdy, suitable for working in the harsh mountain environment, and can crush the materials on site, so that when the gold ore is produced, there is no need to carry out the material transportation. Save on transportation costs;

2, adaptability, customized on demand

The Portable Crusher has a variety of combinations and can be equipped with independent generator sets. Even if the local power grid cannot be used, the machine can still operate normally. According to the different gold production requirements, different capacity requirements and different product size requirements, the appropriate model can be configured.

After introducing the advantages that Portable Crushers can bring to gold ore mining, let us analyze the specific application of the machine in gold ore production, as well as the specific configuration:

In the crushing stage, the mobile jaw crusher first breaks the gold ore. After coarse crushing, the material needs to be sieved by vibrating screen, and then sent to the cone moving crusher by the belt conveyor for medium crushing operation. The gold ore is then sent to a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone Portable Crusher for fine crushing, and the qualified materials are crushed and subjected to beneficiation operation. Otherwise, the crushing stage needs to be repeated again, so as to ensure uniformity of the finished particles.

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