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Wear Between The Roller And The Conveyor Belt

Cause Of Formation

The causes of wear between the idler and the conveyor belt mainly include installation errors, deformation of the roller frame structure, and roller corrosion.

1, The Roller Frame Is Not Installed Correctly

The conveyor belt ensures a normal operation by generating a certain frictional force under the support of the roller. Due to the improper installation, the axis of the idler roller is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt is relatively slid relative to the idler roller, which aggravates the wear of the conveyor belt.

2, The Centering Roller Is Corrected For Wear And Tear

When the centering roller is rectified, a certain inclination angle is generated. Due to the processing quality and corrosion, the rotation of the turret is inflexible, and it cannot be rotated and reset in time, and the conveyor belt will be worn.

3, Roller Rotation Lag

Due to the quality problems of the idler itself (such as poor sealing, inflexible bearing rotation, etc.), the rotation of the idler lags behind the running speed of the conveyor belt, causing relative sliding between the idler roller and the conveyor belt to wear the conveyor belt.

Maintenance Measures

Conveyor belt wear is one of the more common faults, but if it is not taken seriously, it will cause more serious accidents. Therefore, corresponding measures are taken to reduce the wear of the conveyor belt, prolong the service life, and normal operation of the belt conveyor. It is very practical to reduce maintenance costs.

Spare Parts Supply

To deliver spare parts to customer's production sites as fast as possible, SBM has built spare parts warehouses. On receiving customer's call, we take spare parts from the warehouse in the shortest time possible to reduce customer's awaiting time and risk of equipment outage.

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