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Working principle of river gravel sand making machine

The sand making line is very popular in today’s production. The River Gravel sand making machine is used as ordinary sand and has attracted the attention of many users. With the continuous upgrading of equipment, the application of river gravel sand making machine has great advantages, and the new manufacturing machine is more convenient to use, but often it is because it does not meet the working principle of river gravel sand making machine to produce some production problems. The following describes some basic operating principles of a river gravel sand making machine.

Flow rate control of river gravel sand making machine

The rapid feed rate is due to blockages that are most common in the operation of the River Gravel sander. Once the feed rate is too fast, the load on the River Gravel sander will increase, causing the River Gravel sander to become clogged. This requires all River Gravel sandbox operators to observe the ammeter manufacturing machine at any time during the operation of the equipment. Once the current is found to be large, it is necessary to adjust the feed amount in time to ensure that the river gravel sand making machine operates normally without clogging.

River of gravel sand making machine

There is another possibility of blockage of the river gravel sand making machine due to blockage or other failure of the material. If the material is produced too fast, the outlet of the River Gravel sander will be blocked; if the types of transportation equipment and other equipment do not match each other, the air duct will be blocked. Then you need the River Gravel Sand Making Machine operator to check the fault in time and let the River Gravel Sand Making Machine return to normal operation.

Replace the river gravel sand making machine regularly

When the river gravel sand making machine works, if the aging of the broken hammer will gradually lead to the rupture of the sieve hole, the long running of the sand will cause blockage and affect normal production. It is necessary to timely replace the crushing deformation of the river gravel sand machine, and regularly check the timing screen to reduce the failure rate and ensure the normal operation of the manufacturing machine.

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To deliver spare parts to customer's production sites as fast as possible, SBM has built spare parts warehouses. On receiving customer's call, we take spare parts from the warehouse in the shortest time possible to reduce customer's awaiting time and risk of equipment outage.

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