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Completed 100 Tpd Cement Plant Optimization

1. Adjust the crushing ratio and enhance the screening ability

Reducing the final particle size of the crushed product, the total crushing ratio is increased, especially the work load of the fine crusher. Reasonably allocating the total crushing ratio is the process of re-adjusting the crushing process, including increasing the crushing ratio of coarse or medium crushing, increasing the number of broken sections, and changing the broken road to closed circuit crushing. The crushing ratio of each section depends on the nature of the ore, the performance of the equipment and the type of the crushing section. If the crushing process is constant, under the condition of ensuring the processing capacity, the size of the discharge port is reduced, and the crushing ratio of each section is slightly increased. The potential of the crusher.

At present, the common crushing process is two-stage or three-stage crushing. Increasing the number of broken sections or increasing the closed-circuit operation can result in a finer product, but the cost of the transformation needs to be considered. In addition to the need to adjust the working state of the crusher, the optimization of the closed circuit crushing process must also improve the performance of the screening equipment accordingly. Reducing the size of the mesh and reducing the particle size of the crushed product will increase the cycle load of the crusher. If the screening efficiency is too low, more fine-grained materials will circulate in the closed circuit, which will not only affect the crushing effect, but also cause damage to the sieve. . Increasing the efficiency of screening can be improved by improving the vibration mode of the sieve, increasing the screening area, using multi-layer screening and new sieve material, and reducing the inclination of the screen surface.

2, Fine Crush To Replace The Conventional Rough Grinding

Two-stage grinding or multi-stage grinding can ensure the fineness of grinding products, and it is suitable for the case of large ore size, fine ore size, high ore hardness, or stage grinding process. Rod mills or ball mills are often used as rough grinding equipment. The coarse grinding feedstock has a very uneven particle size distribution, and the barrel mill has a low working efficiency, and the crusher can be used to produce a fine product instead of the conventional coarse grinding.

3, The Use Of Efficient Crushing Equipment

The cone crusher has a large crushing ratio, uniform discharge size and high production capacity, and has always been a common equipment for medium and fine crushing. At present, many new cone crushers are constantly appearing, and are developing in the direction of high efficiency, automation and large-scale.

Improving the cavity shape of the cone crusher is also one of the measures to improve the performance of the crusher. By changing the shape and the angle of the upper part of the crushing chamber, the volume is increased, the new liner is extended and the lower parallel region is extended, and the crushing condition of the material layer can be strengthened. Improve the processing capacity of the cone crusher and reduce the product size.

Impact Crusher The impact crusher uses the strong striking force of high-speed rotating parts to make the ore obtain high speed while being crushed by force, and is broken into small particles under multiple collision and grinding. The equipment has large crushing ratio, small particle size, light over-grinding, simple structure and reliable operation, and is especially suitable for non-metallic ores with high brittleness. It is also widely used in metal mines, but attention should be paid to equipment wear.

In addition, self-circulating superfine pulverizers, column mills, double-chamber rotary crushers, pendulum-type vibrating crushers, vibrating cone crushers and other crushing equipment have also been widely used.

4, Self-Grinding And Semi-Self-Grinding Process

The self-grinding machine and the semi-autogenous grinding machine have simple process flow, which eliminates the medium, fine crushing and partial screening operations compared with the conventional crushing process, reduces the investment cost and maintenance cost of the concentrator, and has more advantages in large-scale concentrating plants. obvious. Due to the function of crushing and grinding, the self-grinding machine or the semi-autogenous grinding machine can form a closed circuit directly with the grading equipment to obtain a very fine product. The discharge material can also be sieved and fed into the ball mill to be combined into a complete product. The grinding process, combined with the control of the screening, can keep the particle size of the ball mill at a fine level, and ensure the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.

5, High Pressure Roller Grinding Process

The high-pressure roller mill and its grinding process are high-efficiency crushing technology developed under the guidance of “lamination crushing” and “multi-breaking and less grinding”, which are widely used in crushing operations before mining materials in the mining industry. When the high-pressure roller mill is running, a high-density closed space is formed between the rollers, and a large number of particles are subjected to a high pressure applied slowly, and a granular group pulverization effect occurs, and the crushing ratio can reach 10 or more, and the energy utilization rate is high, which can be remarkable. Reduce the energy consumption of crushing units.

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