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Summary:Factors Affecting The Grinding Efficiency Of Pearl Shell Grinding Machines 1. Grinding Feed Properties The nature of the grinding feed mainly refers to the influence of the ore in the grinding operation. Some characteristics of…

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Pearl Shell Grinding Machine

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Pearl Shell Grinding Machine Detailed introduction

Factors Affecting The Grinding Efficiency Of Pearl Shell Grinding Machines

1. Grinding Feed Properties

The nature of the grinding feed mainly refers to the influence of the ore in the grinding operation. Some characteristics of the ore determine the grindability of the ore. The grindability of the ore determines the difficulty of grinding, and the grinding degree is high. The difficulty of the mine is relatively large. The ore will wear a lot of Pearl Shell Grinding Machine liners and steel balls, and the energy consumed will naturally be more. Especially in the case of increasing the fineness, the energy consumed will be even more Large, on the contrary, the grindability is small, and the energy consumed in the actual production process is smaller, so the ore properties directly affect the productivity of the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine.

2, Grinding Feed Size

The impact of the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine on the grinding efficiency of the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine is mainly reflected in the fact that the particle size will affect the work of the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine on the ore. The steel ball in the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine is random for the crushing of the ore. The work is done, the crushing efficiency is very low, so once the grinding particle size is too large, the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine must do more energy work to ensure the final grinding fineness is achieved, and the energy consumption of the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine in this process The power consumption will also increase.

3, Pearl Shell Grinding Machine Parameters

Pearl Shell Grinding Machine parameters include Pearl Shell Grinding Machine transfer rate and fill rate, steel ball size and ball ratio, Pearl Shell Grinding Machine speed and fill rate are a pair of interrelated and mutually constrained relationship, usually, The speed of the Pearl Shell Grinding Machine is really good at an early stage, because the operation of changing the speed is very difficult, and there is no excessive impact on the actual production, so this data is generally not analyzed as a factor affecting the grinding efficiency.

In the case of determining the rotation speed, the filling rate is large, the number of hits of the steel ball on the material is increased, the area for grinding is also increased, and the power consumption is also increased; the filling rate is too high, the grinding body There is a possibility of eliminating the diameter from the hollow shaft, and the number of inner steel balls is increased, but the pulverizing effect of the inner steel ball is small, and the grinding body with too high filling rate, the steel ball at the falling point of the throwing steel ball is piled up too high, The impact of the steel ball is slowed down, and the yield and comminution rate are reduced. Therefore, whether the filling rate is suitable has a great influence on the grinding efficiency in the pulp preparation process.

The influence of the size of the steel ball and the ball-level ratio in the grinding process, for example, the large feedstock needs to be loaded with more steel balls with larger diameter, impact and grinding effect, but the ratio of the number of crushing of the large steel ball to the material The small steel ball is small, the specific surface area is smaller than that of the small steel ball, and the grinding effect is weakened. In the production process, due to factors such as particle size and wearability of the milled material, the average ball diameter of the steel ball grading should also have a corresponding range of variation. In this range, the optimal method can be used to determine the optimal ball-matching scheme, and at the same time, some necessary technical measurements are carried out, and then analyzed and compared to obtain the optimal ball-matching scheme under certain production conditions.

Whether the loading and grading of the grinding body is reasonable, it must be tested in the production process. If the design of the ball matching scheme can achieve high quality, high yield, low consumption and safe operation, then this ball matching scheme is correct, otherwise it will be correct. Need to analyze the reasons specifically, and re-correct the ball plan. According to the nature of the feedstock, the size and proportion of the steel ball are strictly controlled, the probability of crushing is grasped, and the phenomenon of excessive pulverization or insufficient pulverization is reduced, and the size of the steel ball is ensured to improve the grinding efficiency.

4, The Impact Of Grinding Concentration

In the actual production process, the grinding concentration mainly affects the degree of adhesion of the ore specific gravity of the slurry around the steel ball and the fluidity of the slurry. Under the condition of low grinding concentration, the slurry is too thin, the fluidity is too large, and the adhesion is Insufficient force will cause the impact and grinding effect of the steel ball on the material to be weakened, resulting in unqualified final mine size, or increased energy consumption during the grinding process, resulting in waste of resources. On the contrary, if the grinding concentration is too high, the slurry will be too viscous and the fluidity will be poor, which will cause excessive pulverization of the material. Because of the difference in feed size and material properties, the grinding concentration is usually set according to different conditions. Only then can the final result be in line with the actual situation.

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