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Summary:How To Improve The Grinding Efficiency Of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill The large-scale development of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills is one of the hotspots of research at home and abroad. Improving the crushing efficiency and reducing …

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Pendulum Fine Grinding

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Pendulum Fine Grinding Detailed introduction

How To Improve The Grinding Efficiency Of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill

The large-scale development of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills is one of the hotspots of research at home and abroad. Improving the crushing efficiency and reducing the unit energy consumption is the main goal of large-scale Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills. This article mainly shares some ways to improve the grinding efficiency of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills, and I hope to help you.

1, Pre-Selection Tail

First of all, to ensure safe and scientific operating principles and procedures, to strengthen technical management, to make process connections, and to prepare for ore is the basis of all work. Pre-selection and throw-off refers to the principle of being able to throw early and throwing, which is a high in raw material preparation. The efficiency method mainly refers to the manual selection of ore and waste rock, for some low quality.

Or the ore with insufficient utilization should be selected, discarded or other treatment methods, which can not only reduce the amount of waste ore, improve the taste and grindability of the ore, but also reduce energy consumption and improve grinding. Mine efficiency. This is to consider the final effect, to improve the grindability of the ore by discarding a large amount of waste rock as early as possible.

2, More Broken And Less Grinding

More crushing and less grinding means that in the grinding operation, more grinding is used instead of grinding. The grinding particle size has a great influence on the grinding efficiency of the Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill. The most effective effect will also affect the energy consumption. By controlling the grain size of the ore, the purpose of reducing the energy consumption and improving the grinding efficiency of the Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill is achieved. The ore is extruded by mechanical energy to achieve selective crushing. The energy efficiency of the crushing operation is much higher than that of the grinding operation. The advantages of the crushing operation are fully utilized by means of multiple crushing and grinding, and the grinding efficiency is improved. For example, the ore can be crushed by a high-pressure roller Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill before grinding, so that not only can the ore be effectively finely crushed, but also the internal crystal structure of the ore can be changed to reduce the hardness of the ore.

3, The Application Of New Liners

The shape of the surface of the Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill liner is also one of the factors affecting the grinding efficiency. In actual operation, in addition to the grinding, cutting, chiseling, deformation, corrosion and other wear affecting the grinding efficiency, the shape of the lining will also affect the grinding efficiency. If the surface shape of the lining makes the balling ability Insufficient, the lifting height of the steel ball is reduced, and the impact force is reduced, thereby affecting the grinding efficiency. The application of the emerging Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill lining is mainly to protect the body from wear and tear, and more directly transfer energy to the grinding medium, reduce the wear on the body, not only protect the body, but also improve the Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill. Grinding efficiency.

4, Reasonable Ball Loading Rate

With the increasing demand for improving the grinding efficiency of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills, more and more scholars have studied the optimal filling rate of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills, but the conclusions are different, and even can be said to be contradictory. Because it is considered that the filling of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill will be affected by many factors, it cannot be defined as a unified data index. It should be set according to the actual conditions of different mines. The current method is through pilot experiments. The filling rate of steel balls suitable for most mines in China has been established. Under such circumstances, productivity has increased in different degrees, and even product fineness has been improved. Fine research on the size and proportion of steel balls is also due to the influence of steel balls on the grinding degree of the ore particles. According to the analysis of the most important broken products, according to the quality of different ball diameters, the reasonable ball ratio is finally determined.

5, Improve The Classification Efficiency

The classification efficiency has a great influence on the grinding efficiency. In the actual production process, the production is carried out in a graded manner, which is usually divided into two levels. The first level refers to the classification of the ore quality and the fine inspection of the ore. And preparation, the second level is the actual grinding and production, through the application of grading equipment, a large number of experiments can be seen that the grading machine can control the phenomenon of excessive pulverization, and can also greatly improve the Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill The amount of treatment, in the actual production process, eliminates the adverse effects of the air column on the classification process, greatly improving the classification efficiency.

Since the grinding operation of the Pendulum Fine Grinding Mill is a very complicated production process and is affected by various factors, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and various factors in order to achieve the improvement of the grinding efficiency. It is not completely independent. It is necessary to carry out a combination analysis of various factors according to actual production conditions, explore the key factors affecting the improvement of grinding efficiency, and implement countermeasures according to existing problems to improve the grinding efficiency of Pendulum Fine Grinding Mills.

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