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Summary:Vibration Of Vertical Mill Drive System Vertical mill is an indispensable equipment in the grinding production line, but in the production process, sometimes the failure of the transmission mechanism of the vertical mill and the vibra…

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Vibration Of Vertical Mill Drive System

Vertical mill is an indispensable equipment in the grinding production line, but in the production process, sometimes the failure of the transmission mechanism of the vertical mill and the vibration of the transmission system are large. SBM’s vertical mill experts will explain the reasons and solutions for the vibration of the vertical mill drive system.

The transmission method of the vertical mill is that the motor drives the pinion to rotate through the reducer, and engages the large ring gear at the end of the fixed cylinder shell to rotate the cylinder. The high and low speed shafts are connected by nylon pin couplings. Through long-term use observation, vertical mill experts have summarized the following main reasons that cause the vibration of the vertical mill drive system and the corresponding solutions.

First, The Vertical Mill Pinion Bearing Wear

There is a double-row spherical roller bearing on each side of the pinion bearing. After a period of operation, the bearing parts wear, the gap between the inner and outer rings and the roller increases, and the pinion shaft rotates radially. The beating causes the tooth tip clearance of the gear pair to constantly change, which is prone to shock vibration and noise, and the tooth surface wear of the gear is intensified.

For the above conditions, the bearings should be replaced regularly. Judging that the bearings are all worn out, you should first grasp how long the bearings have been used and whether they have reached the end of their service life; records should be kept of the time each time a new bearing is replaced to roughly determine the time that the bearing needs to be replaced. In addition, you can also observe the radial clearance of the bearing by prying up and down the amount of movement of the pinion.

Second, The Vertical Grinder Gear Enters The Slurry Between The Tooth Profile And Causes Poor Lubrication

The vertical mill is an open gear transmission. The inner and outer shields of the gear are broken. However, the sealing performance is still poor. When the lining bolt near the large ring gear is loosened, the leaked slurry can easily enter the gear meshing surface and be damaged. The lubricating oil film on the tooth surface generates a large impact noise, and the transmission system vibrates.

In this case, the gear should be cleaned in time to stop the machine and lubricate the open gear oil under heavy load. At the same time, preventive measures can be taken: check the lubrication of the gear through the observation hole on the gear cover to ensure that the gear is well lubricated; stop leaking in time when it finds that the contractor bolts leak, replace the rubber seals or tighten the bolts.

Third, The Tooth Surface Of The Vertical Mill Gear Is Severely Worn

After a period of operation, the upper tooth surface of the pinion gear is first ground out of the recess, the gap on the tooth side increases, and shock vibration occurs during operation, and a large impact sound occurs, and the wear between the tooth surfaces increases.

The pinion gear should be replaced in time. In order to save costs in actual production, we usually remove the pinion from the shaft and install it on the reverse side so that it can be used for a period of time.

Fourth, Nylon Pin Wear

After a certain period of operation of the nylon pin, the surface of the cylinder is worn, the diameter becomes smaller, and the concave table will be severely worn out, which will cause the shock of the coupling half. At this time, the nylon pin should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the coupling.

Fifth, The Vibration Caused By Displacement Of The Transmission Part Of The Vertical Mill Causes Vibration

After a long period of operation of the vertical mill, the anchor bolts of the motor, reducer, and pinion bearing seat of the transmission part sometimes become loose, and the transmission parts are displaced, so that the axes are not on the same straight line, which causes vibration. Stop and inspect the transmission system of the vertical mill and re-align the transmission system.

Sixth, The Inter-Turn Short Circuit Of The Motor Makes The Speed Unstable

During the running process, the motor current is unstable, and at the same time, the large and small gears break current fluctuations and large periodic vibration occurs.

First reduce the amount of ore feed. If it still exists after reducing the amount of ore feed, it means that it is not caused by overload operation. Next, the motor should be stopped to check. The short circuit of the stator coil may also cause the speed of the motor to be unstable. Replace the motor.

The above is the analysis of the cause of the vibration of the vertical mill drive system and the corresponding solutions by the experts of the SBM vertical mill. We hope to help you quickly solve the vibration problem of the vertical mill drive system.

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