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Summary:Roller Mining Mill troubleshooting The “grinding ash” of the Roller Mining Mill is as follows: when the material is fed into the Roller Mining Mill, part of the powdery material is connected from the flange of the grinding head inlet, t…

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Roller Mining Mill

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Roller Mining Mill Detailed introduction

Roller Mining Mill troubleshooting

The “grinding ash” of the Roller Mining Mill is as follows: when the material is fed into the Roller Mining Mill, part of the powdery material is connected from the flange of the grinding head inlet, the felt and the feeding hopper. Flowing out of the gap, causing pollution of the mill and the destruction of powdery particles into the bearing shell.

Cause Analysis:

1. After the felt and the feeding hopper rub against each other, there will be a gap. There is a space in the inverted cone of the feeding hopper (the receiving pipe). The material is difficult to transport here, and the retention and returning will occur, which provides the precondition for the ash leakage.

2. The material level is higher than the spiral blade height. When the feeding speed exceeds its conveying speed, the grinding speed of a part of the material higher than the spiral blade is reduced, and the powder is not leaked into the grinding machine in time.

3. Increasing the average ball diameter of the grinding body or increasing the load of the Roller Mining Mill by increasing the load. This method has an unreasonable place, so that the filling material is high, and the material surface far exceeds the height of the spiral blade, resulting in the inside of the spiral cylinder. There is material accumulation, resulting in ash leakage.

4. The load rate of the powder sorting machine is large, the feeding speed exceeds the conveying height of the spiral cylinder, the returning material does not enter the grinding machine in time, and the dead corner of the grinding tail gap is piled up. The sealing gap is affected by the outward pressure caused by the accumulation of material and the beginning of the screw, resulting in ash leakage.

5. Inappropriate operation of the Roller Mining Mill for positive pressure operation or micro-negative pressure operation causes the ash material to overflow at the end of the grinding.

Problem handling:

1. Improve the sealing method of the grinding head. This is a three-step process: a 200mm long spiral barrel is added to the outer end of the feeding screw barrel, the spiral blade is welded on site, and the extended section screw is combined with the original spiral barrel and the Roller Mining Mill. Secondly, a felt locating ring is added at the outer end of the lengthening section, the industrial felt is installed after being opened, and one side is covered with butter, and the ring is connected with the 200mm spiral cylinder with a countersunk screw; third, at the outer end of the felt Set a friction sealing ring, put it on the feeding hopper, make and weld two blocking rods on the spot so that it can’t rotate, and use a number of springs to hold it behind. The spring seat and the feeding hopper are welded together to make the end face of the retaining ring Always attached to the felt without being affected by the wear of the felt. The sealing ring and the outer diameter of the cylinder of the feeding hopper should have a gap of 5 mm. The gap is blocked with cotton butt butter, and a retaining plate is added to the retaining ring, and the pressing plate is screwed with the sealing ring. When installing the feed hopper, pay attention to the installation position to retreat 200mm, let the length of the extension section spiral barrel.

2. Reduce the diameter of the feed nozzle and increase the height of the spiral blade of the hollow shaft.

3. Change the spiral blade in the feeding hopper (feeding pipe) to the pitch of the spiral blade in the hollow shaft, and add the inner spiral blade at the inverted cone to make the material enter the receiving pipe and transport it away, so as to prevent the material from falling at the inverted cone. Retention and returning phenomenon. At the same time, the cutting slipper is lengthened by 150~200mm to keep the material away from the sealing port and no longer stay. Change the seal to a labyrinth seal to reduce felt wear.

4. Improve the feeding end of the Roller Mining Mill. Here, Shibang Industrial Technology Group provides three methods.

1 A rotating bell mouth is welded to the feeding end of the grinding head to make the material rotate directly into the spiral and move forward smoothly. Moreover, the pouring angle of the feeding round opening is improved, and a feeding nozzle which is concentric with the inner rotating screw receiving port is installed, so that the material brought up in the rotation falls on the oblique angle and slides into the spiral.

2 The diameter of the feeding tube extending into the spiral barrel portion is reduced (about 200 mm), and another ash retaining ring having a thickness of 8 mm and an outer diameter of about 15 mm beyond the diameter of the original spiral barrel is welded to the feeding tube. In doing so, the gap between the feed pipe and the wall of the spiral cylinder is increased, so that it is not easy to fill the material, and a layer of gray retaining ring is added to prevent the material from being squeezed out.

3 Adjust the flap valve on the return pipe of the classifier to make the ash return to the screw barrel as uniformly as possible, and at the same time, partially improve the structure of the screw barrel.

5. Improvement in operation, such as adjusting the grading and loading of the grinding body, installing the flat lining or grading lining in the inner row and the second row lining of the Roller Mining Mill to speed up the material of the Roller Mining Mill feed inlet And the passage of materials in the mill; adjust the cycle load rate of the classifier to eliminate positive pressure operation and micro-negative pressure operation.

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